Youth is often the breath of fresh air that art needs. Photographer Nneka Salmon, formerly TheNewyorkan, is the epitome of this concept. When asked what she looks for in a shot her youth and fresh perspective are evident. “When taking a photograph I look for the on call moments. I never like my work to be too posed or “Fake” . So I really go for the natural feel , when the person is flipping their hair or laughing at a joke I made.” The realism of her art brings a candid look into humanity.

This answer inspires a fascination and a desire to know more about this fresh faced artist. What is the why of her desire to delve into this art. “Why? Because It feels right. It’s what I’m made for. Being in the arts period is an amazing platform for me to express myself artistically and spiritually. With my photography I am able to capture, create, and even articulate my own creations. As my King is the Creator, it was only natural for it to be passed down to me visually. Look around you.” How true, the beauty of this world is often lost in our pursuit of material possession. Her pictures truly capture this beauty.

Typically when asking youth about their legacy you get short or nonexistent answers. However with Nneka you get just as much excitement when asking this question as when asking about her art. “I want to build and then leave a foundation that will carry on for Generations. I long to open a Gallery/Store/Art space for like-minded creatives, making an impact locally and via the internet. I want to enforce an environment where individuals have the right to freely exhibit their work. Also , I want photographers and young minds to truly appreciate the detail of a photograph, that everything does not have to be photoshopped to be perfect. I was privileged enough to have an amazing professor who guided my eyes to colors moods and tones, to look beyond the picture and to see it as it actually is.” This amount of vision is a rarity and breathtakingly refreshing.

As with any artist their complete life gives a full figured vision of their art and inspiration. Nneka is no exception to this rule. “Aside from the arts I like to work and plan. Whenever I’m not at my on of my two jobs, rehearsals, meetings or shooting for my internship I am with my good friends stuffing our faces, laughing and talking about the future.” So real and down to earth her legacy’s motto is so fitting: “Keep It Real”.