Author: Pen & Paper Culture

Visual Artist: Nneka Salmon

Youth is often the breath of fresh air that art needs. Photographer Nneka Salmon, formerly TheNewyorkan, is the epitome of this concept. When asked what she looks for in a shot her youth and fresh perspective are evident. “When taking a photograph I look for the on call moments. I never like my work to be too posed or “Fake” . So I really go for the natural feel , when the person is flipping their hair or laughing at a joke I made.” The realism of her art brings a candid look into humanity. This answer inspires a...

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Educator/Author/Spoken Word Artist: Tongo

Every artist aspires to influence and elevate their art and the creative culture. When asked Tongo’s response is as poetic as any of his works. He says in short that he strives to be timeless. To enter time and space as an artist is a process without set space and time. Our works echo through the halls of time and continuously ring our message. Tongo continues saying, “My craft, and in many respects my life, responds to the works of other artists (living, dead, or living where we will never cross paths). I would like my poetry, in turn,...

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